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Students Society

The aim of the ‘Student Society’ at CPR, Roorkee is to provide opportunities to students to pursue their personal, professional and academic goals in student-led organizations. It aims to enhance their educational experience. Students are encouraged to participate in group activities that allow them to develop personal and professional relationships, learn leadership and organizational skills and serve the community. The social interaction capacities of the students are bolstered through the Society’s activities.

Sports Society

The aim of the ‘Sports Society’ at CPR Roorkee is to develop healthy physical activity habits in the students. Organized sports through sport society develops important social skills such as good citizenship, positive peer relations and respect for authority through learning to interact with one and all. The Society schedules and organizes varied Sports Events. Such events lead to building of self-esteem, skill, mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

Cultural Society

Understanding the culture of nation, people or group- the arts, beliefs, practices, values and social values exist in the heart of each student. By attending cultural events student experiences firsthand diverse offerings of culture and artistic expression found in a society. Education cannot happen within the classroom, it must go beyond the walls.

The Cultural Society of CPR Roorkee is the moral fiber to systematize all the cultural events in the Institute. Active participation in cultural activities leads to development of personal skills, enhancement of self confidence, communication skills, self awareness, self discipline and time management. Cultural events include performances like dance performance, instrumental and vocal music plays, sketching art and many more. Such activities are helpful in up liftment of confidence of students and serve as a platform to show their unseen talents.