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About RCE

Dean International Affairs

Welcome to Roorkee college of Engineering, Roorkee, popularly known as RCE by the students community and corporate world. As Dean of International Affairs, I have the prerogative of exploring new avenues fostering the growth of technical competence in students. The central idea is to promote the institution as a place where curiosity, compassion, and intellect combine to create breakthroughs that may help the humankind to live better lives.

The position of RCE as an exceptional knowledge epicenter of technological and management education provides a vibrant learning culture and ample leadership opportunities for our students.

Apart from routine academics, training programs and mutually co-operative clubs motivate the students to adroitly mix different technologies together and to become better trained industry-ready professionals. High-impact research at the undergraduate and graduate levels from safer bridge designs to next-generation robots, internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing equip students with advanced skills and expertise that put them in a highly competitive position. In short, we educate some of the finest engineers of the world.

A large part of our success comes from our top-notch faculty. Our researchers see the challenge of limited resources available to some weak sections of society today as an opportunity to develop clean energy systems from the sun, wind, and waves and to make these systems affordable. Faculty helps the students in devising means to use industrial byproducts to make cost effective yet higher-performing bridges and roads, and they address increased demand for science and engineering graduates by developing personalized educational programs ranging from traditional to the most modern virtual learning environments.

RCEs strong alliance with industries ensures relevancy in classrooms and research labs. Our International Tie-ups with the leading Universities and establishments of Asia and Europe leading to professional-education partnerships provide the opportunities connected with the exposure to global technology. By virtue of our foreign tie-ups particularly while working on the same/parallel technologies, high-achieving students can compare their professional experience with their counterparts working in other countries. Our association with other Universities thus forms a unique collaboration focused on better understanding of technology leading to development and proliferation of most modern technologies. Every year, the college is increasingly focusing upon turning discoveries into innovations to support our mission of building solutions for the welfare of the people, contributing toward the growth of a strong economy, sustainable environment, smart cities and development of smarter educational tools supporting e-learning.

I am extremely proud of the learners, leaders, and thinkers who are propelling RCE to touch paramount heights of excellence. And Im honored to be part of a team of people who arent just about making something happen, but making something better in the larger interest of human kind.

Dr. Vinesh Kumar
Dean International Affairs
Mob No. : +91-9999317587