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Training & Placements

Petroleum Engg.


The main job opportunity as a Petroleum Engineer is in Core Petroleum industries which involves the extraction and production of crude oil and processing and obtaining final products at refineries. There are number of Private as well as Government companies and refineries. One may apply for the post of an Engineer after graduation. Some big Petroleum Refineries in India are Reliance Refinery (Jamnagar), Essar (Jamnagar), Cochin Refinery etc. One may also become an Engineer in Government enterprises such as ONGC and OIL. Since many products used in fertilizers and cosmetics are obtained from petroleum so some Chemical Industries (especially Fertilizer and Plastics Industries) also deals with oil and petroleum to a large extent. One may also find job in such Chemical Factories.


Young graduates may also find their career in setting up of own industries which deals with petroleum products, be it their marketing or supply. Masters in Oil & Gas Management is an excellent option for the engineers after graduation if they want to pursue their own business. Companies like Servo, Castrol and etc. are major companies at present that deal in petroleum final products manufacturing. Downfall in the crude market allures graduates toward having their own firm offering services of final products like lubricating oil, grease oil, kerosene oil and etc.