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Applied Science and Humanities

Skill Enhancement

The Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) features a range of different courses taught by caring instructors in a small classroom setting. We are dedicated to helping students meet their personal education and career goals as following:

  • You may benefit from one or more of our skills enhancement classes if you want to:
  • Change or grow your position and need to refresh your skills.
  • Take a basic or college-level Terminology course to qualify for college credits or to qualify for a different job.
  • Take English as a first Language to improve your pronunciation.
  • Prepare for higher education entrance exams by brushing up on your skills.
  • Overcome math, grammar or writing challenges in your job to prepare for testing, or to qualify for a training program.
  • Fulfil professional development goals in Success Factors’ my Performance.
  • Classes are held in the attractive pattern of learning by doings. Most classes require a skills assessment to ensure accurate results.
Skills Enhancement Programme
Skills Enhancement Program