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Excellent Academic Ambience

  • Excellent location and Academic Ambiance

    An educational oasis located at bank of the Holy Ganga River with green lushes along its sides, the 30 acres RCE Campus is a goldmine of opportunity for students. Our campus offers diverse resources for the mind, body and soul and enough flexibility for students to explore them in their own distinct way.
  • Impressive Infrastructure

    We offer an array of facilities viz. theatre style lecture halls, modern labs, conference and seminar halls, a gym, an amphitheatre, a high-tech Learning Resources Centre, state-of-the-art IT Centre, clean and airy student residences, mess serving wholesome meals, indoor and outdoor sport facilities including a plush new gymnasium with latest equipments.
  • Quality in Technical Field

    Roorkee College of Engineering stands for his excellence. The pursuit of excellence in all its myriad dimensions is a continuous and relentless endeavour at the college, and it follows an eclectic and inclusive approach that is committed to take the benefits of education and learning to the society at large. This is amply demonstrated in its magnificent infrastructure—comparable to the best in the world that facilitates learning for life. The courses and programs offered at RCE have been crafted with care and devotion, reflecting not just the realities of the marketplace but the very future that it is helping to define. The rigorous, research-oriented faculty community excels in inspiring learning in the classroom. The staff is truly committed, warm and friendly. With a deep focus on its key constituents, the communities of scholars at the institute strive to push the frontiers of education and set higher standards. Together, these are a remarkable combination that can shape your careers and transform you into the extraordinary.
  • Demand of Global

    In the present day scenario the education demands the active use of knowledge and skill in ways that are decidedly enlightened, noble and legacy creating. At Roorkee College of Engineering (RCE), we strive to reach out, educate, mentor and guide all those who choose to be the part of this institute. The key differentiator at RCE has its genesis in its ethos. Its ethos of student centeredness, which guides every action at RCE and is central to its founding philosophy of creating and sustaining a community of lifelong learners, in an environment of literacy and critical thinking who can contribute significantly as value creators to the greater social wellbeing. Guiding this core value system at the institute is a leadership that believes in the universalization of education for humanity.
  • Our Education System

    Our teaching pedagogy is skewed towards hand outs, practical’s, industry interaction and learning by doing. This helps the students to earn skill in real world situation. Further individual assignments, seminars, workshop and group projects acts as catalyst in enhancing the students’ attitude capacity and inculcates the habit of group working. We understand that healthy body is gate way of healthy mind. Consequently the college has well developed games and sport facilities, sufficient outlets for extracurricular and social activities. We try to bring out best of you. With your support we will develop your attitude, skill and capacity to face the challenges of the real world.
    Our academic area aims to develop graduates who are knowledgeable and skills, who will be sought- after by employers and become active global citizen. Our campus is global –not only in terms of the students who come to RCE from all over the country, but also in terms of the community of academicians and industry experts we attract. All our teaching apace is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver a 21st century teaching experience and prepare you for the world of work. Our learning Resource is fully equipped to give you access to world class learning resources giving you the best possible support for your studies. Our community is diverse and exciting and so is our teaching. We help every student not just survive, but thrive in today’s increasingly interconnected world.
  • Holistic Education

    An environment that encourages self- learning, sports, games, special, culture, technical skills and all-round development of the students.
  • Vibrant Curriculum

    Student-focused and innovative degrees.
  • Employment Enhancement Training

    Augmentation of real life professional skills.
  • Industry Ready curricula for various Academic Programs

    Our programmes have been developed in collaboration with industry professionals and academics stalwarts to ensure relevant content to best prepare students for the workplace.
  • Language Lab & Professional Communiqué

    We have compulsory English Language Finishing Classes to make Students Well-versed with English. Training on phonetics and Pronunciation is an integral part of the Curriculum.
  • Discipline

    RCE maintains discipline impeccably as this is the backbone of professional education. Our four tier discipline management process includes- Proctorial Board, Department Disciplinary Committee, Hostel Disciplinary Committee, And College Disciplinary Committee.