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Professional Course

Bachelor of Tourism Management

The need to organize and plan on all the resources available in a manner to induce profits in a tourism organization is regarded as tourism management. Studying for a professional degree course on tourism management would be worth it since the complexities in the tourism industry require managerial and technical skills so as to deal with the issues adequately. BA Tourism Management is a modern management degree course meant to shape up the career lives of modern managers. The degree is offered in universities worldwide and covers all business aspects of management in the sector of tourism. The social side of tourism must be complemented with the business ideas so as to provide quality and economical leisure to the economy.


India has a great potential for tourism. The world is witness to this fact. The phenomenon of globalization has proved to be a shot in the arm for the hotel industry. Now, there are more job opportunities than ever. Not just the government, the private sector has opened vast horizons for the aspirants of the hotel industry. Students can easily find work in both the hotel and tourism sectors. Areas like Adventure Tourism, Health Tourism, Railway Tourism, and Heritage Tourism have ample work opportunities.

Travel and Tourism Management Jobs

Restaurant Manager

One of the possible tourism degree jobs is a restaurant manager, a role which oversees the daily operations of a food establishment, as well as the hiring and firing employees, menu decisions, customer care, and ordering kitchen supplies. Additional duties include marketing the restaurant in the community and organizing special occasions for groups and parties.

Hotel Manager

Graduates who go on to work as hotel managers are responsible for booking rooms, staffing, and ensuring guest comfort. Managers use their background in business and administration to ensure the profitability of a hotel and oversee accounting practices.

Travel Agent

Travel agents use their resources to help clients make arrangements for hotel accommodations, transportation, and car rentals. In order to assist clients, travel agents must be knowledgeable about a destination's attractions, customs, weather conditions, exchange rates, and passport requirements.

Casino Manager

Casino managers, also known as gaming managers direct and oversee the day-to-day operations of a casino, making sure that workers and gamblers adhere to the rules of the games. These managers also focus on managing money, staffing, and catering to high-profile customers.