Professional Course

Students Academic Committee

Academic committee takes up the responsibility of imbibing best practices so that both the present and future batches can have a better academic system in place. Academic committee also holds the responsibility for practices like holding academic award functions to honor students for academic excellence. The purpose of student academic committee is to gather evidence of student performance over a period of time in order to measure and continuously improve learning and weak students are adopted by the different skilled students of their classes.

01 Dr.Tripati Khatana HOD Convener
02 Ms.Isha Sharma faculty Co-Convener
03 Dr. Navneet Kumar Faculty Member
04 Ms. Pooja Verma Faculty Member
05 Ms. Rashmi Choudhary Faculty Member
06 Mr. R.S Rana Faculty Member
07 Mr. Javed Ali Faculty Member
08 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Student Member
09 Mr.Amit Kumar Student Member
10 Ms. Ayshman Bhardwaj Student Member
11 Ms. Badal Singh Student Member
12 Mr. Harshit Mishra Student Member
13 Mr. Ram Pratap Student Member