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Petroleum Engineering

Students Academic Committee

Academic committees are formed with a view to oversee the academic affairs in the college and make recommendations to the institute’s administration about academic programs and strategic priorities. It decides and makes recommendations to the council on academic developments, policies and procedures. The committee manages day-to-day academic affairs, be it looking after attendance, class schedule and ensure that the academic quality issues remain a top priority of the institution. It acts as the point of contact between the students and the administration/faculty members. Apart from all these activities, the committee is actively involved in advising the administration regarding required facilities for academics such as books, journals and magazines etc.

1 Mr. Abhinav Bhatnagar HOD Convener
2 Ms. Niharika Mishra Faculty Co-Convener
3 Mr. Amandeep Faculty Member
4 Mr. Sandeep kumar Gupta Student Member
5 Md. Aadil Ansari Student Member