Petroleum Engineering

Skill Enhancement

Be a skilled worker and success will come!!!!

RCE teaching pedagogy lets you master your skills. A petroleum engineer is involved in nearly all of the stages of oil and gas field evaluation, development and production. Their aim is to drill for hydrocarbons in the most efficient way, and to resolve any operating issues. Extensive laboratory work, workshop courses, industry certifications, trainings, live projects and industry internships enhance competencies to take up higher responsibilities and strengthen the leadership pipeline. This will bring cultural change from command & control to team based structure. Petroleum Engineering is one of the most interesting and well-paid career paths a young person can choose and is a highly sought after profession. Without Petroleum Engineers we wouldn’t have crude oil which means we will never be able to use motor vehicles for transport purpose. Some thrust areas of Petroleum Engineering are

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Well Stimulation
  • Oil & Gas Well Drilling
  • Well Control
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Oil & Gas Well Testing
  • Oil & Gas Marketing
  • Risk Analysis

One may develop and shape their career by means of software which are of utmost importance in the petroleum industry. Some major software which can be learnt along with academics are as follows-

  • ECLIPSE (Schlumberger)
  • WellFlo
  • Petrel (Schlumberger)
  • OFM
  • Prosper
  • PipeSim

Apart from all these, one may pursue some short term courses which provide students an added advantage at the time of placement. Some of the courses & providers are as follows-

  • HSE Management (nptel-IIT Madras)
  • Offshore Structures (nptel-IIT Madras)
  • Introduction to drilling operations & practices (Drilling mentor)
  • Well Control for surface & sub-surface operations (Drilling mentor)
  • Directional drilling & wellbore surveying (Drilling mentor)