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Electronics and Communication Engineering

Events & activities


Team OORJA organized a bot battle event 'ROBOCLASH' on Thursday, 3rd March’17 for students to grandstand their ability of robot handling.

Mr. Saurabh Verma, faculty coordinator of Team Oorja, Mrs. Nisha and Dr. Deepika Sharma motivated the students with their presence during the event.

There were two roles of each team- a defender and an attacker. Attacker had to choose between two paths, one was full of hurdles and other was a maze, and defeat the defender to enter the flagzone and hit the three flags. Each flag was assigned some points. The time limit for each team was 5 minutes. The event proved to be a Big Hit with a large number of spectators and participating teams.

A total of 27 teams with students of all branches and all the years participated in the event.

Student Academic Committee:

The Student Academic Committee (SAC) is charged with representing the student perspective on all academic issues, including reviews of programs and departments, academic regulations, library policy, student-professor relations, as well as general academic procedures.

1 Mrs .Nisha HOD Convener
2 Mr. Saurabh Verma Dean Co-Convener
3 Dr. Deepika Sharma Faculty Member
4 Dr. Niraj Singh Mehta Faculty Member
4 Ms.PriyankaRana Faculty Member
5 Abhishek Deo Student Member
6 Amisha Sinha Student Member
7 Dushyant Shankla Student Member
8 Saurabh Kumar Student Member