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1)    Introduction to Placement Cell Members: - Our Placement team consisting of

  Mr. Atul Rajput , Head Training and Placement Officer

  Mr. Shalabh Chouhan, Asstt. TPO

  Mr. Gaurav, Asstt. TPO

2)    Placement Data Registration & Resume Submission : - First and utmost things for the Placement are Placement Data Registration and Resume Submission. Both are mandatory because without this we wont be able to give you any kind of placement services as your data wont be available with us.


3)    Company Types : - We are having different types of stuff(of students) in our College so in accordance to that we need all types of Companies for the Campus Placement like

  Big Brands (As per our data statistics, we are not applicable to approach them)

  Mid-Level MNCs

  Small Scale Manufacturing Firms

  BPOs etc.

  Companies based in our vicinity(Sidcul, BHEL, Selaqui etc)


4)   Drive Types : - As far as Drives are concerned we are very much particular about one thing that is Placement. Our main concern is to place our students in good reputed companies, whether its through on-campus/off-campus/pool-campus/job fair etc. At the end of the Day, what matters is job not the channel.


5)   Placement Related:-


  The Criteria & Branch is never decided by the College its always set by a Company. Each Company has its own different criteria on the basis of which, they hire students for example Samsung Electronics Criteria is 60% throughout no backlog and JBM(Maruti) Criteria is 70% in B.Tech no backlog.


  Online Registration: - We always welcome Online registered students in the placement drive. Whenever there will be any company for the on/off/pool campus, and if the student is interested so he/she will have to register himself/herself online at our college website.


  Drive Intimation:- About any Campus we always intimate students through E-mail, Website Display, Classroom Announcements and SMS. (Please deactivate DND to get intimation through SMS)


6)   Placement Rules & Regulation (Debarred System):-


  If a student got placed in any Company(except BPO) so his placement services will be over for the time being, he/she wont be able to sit in any upcoming placement drive until and unless there will be 70% placement of that particular batch.


  Once we reach our 70% placement of the particular Batch, so all the placed, unplaced will be able to sit in all the drives except who are already working with any Company(In case of immediate joining).


  Normally, the students who are not willing to get placement services due to their interest in Higher Studies, GATE are requested to inform the Placement Department by sending an e-mail on and he/she will be excluded from placement services.


  All the eligible students for a particular drive are required to register themselves on the website as the College has to commit the number of students coming to attend the drive on the basis of registered students to the Company. And if any registered student is unable to attend the drive so College also becomes answerable to the Company for the committed number. So in this case that absent student will be debarred from the placement services. Only Registered students will be eligible to sit in the drive.


  Attendance: - Attendance of the students is the most important issue that we face in all the Placement Drives, Guest Lectures and Workshops. If the registration for a particular drive is less than the minimum requirement then we will automatically cancel the drive. And if we see the same pattern being followed in the next 2-3 drives, so we will stop the placement services for the all the students.


If the Eligible Student is not attending the drives, so he/she will have to bear the punishment (mentioned in the point No. 14) for the next drive like debarred from the placement services and letter issue to the parents.


  In almost all the placement drives Placement Department has to embarrass in front of the Company because of less number of attendees in the drive. This time we have become really strict to overcome this issue. We have some punishments/penalties to curb this problem.


7)   E-mail: - We believe in e-mail culture more than Calls. For your any kind of query regarding placement please mail at Well revert you back within 24 hours in case it is taking time, so it must be because of back-to-back placements or must be to find an appropriate solution of your query/problem.


8)    Contact Person for Placement Queries: - For any placement Query please contact Mr. Sandeep Singla & Mr. Sushil.

9)    Transport: - In normal scenario we do provide transportation to the students for Off-campus placements. But this entirely depends upon the Number of Students, Distance, Type of Company, students seriousness towards their placement drives/career.


10) Response to Calls:- Our T&P Cell always believe in prompt replies, in case we are unable to attend your calls so we always make a call back to listen you. So please carry forward this inheritance and whenever you got a miss call from Placement Cell, so please do call back because there must be something important related to placements.


11)                MOST IMPORTANT:- Never break the decorum of the college or placement department. In case you are not behaving well with any of your placement cell member. So there will definitely be a strict punishment for this.


12) Punishment: - Usually we do not believe in punishments we strongly believe in betterment. In case we find any student not maintaining the decorum or violating the rules so there are some punishments which are-

  Deduction of Disciplinary Marks.

  Letter issue to Parents

  Parents meeting in the College.

  Debarred from Placement Services for throughout a year.


  Cancellation of Admission (In worst cases)


13)                Important Phone Numbers & E-mail Address:-


Mr. Atul Rajput, 7500944999

  Ms. Gaurav,7500102111 T&P Executive

  Mr. Shalabh Chouhan, 7500944999 T&P Executive


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